Practice Areas

Our primary practice areas are:

Patents: Our work in patent litigation has included preparation of expert reports, being deposed, testifying, assisting counsel in terms constructions (pre-Markman hearings), discovery, and preparation for depositions of fact witnesses and experts retained by opposing counsel. Read More

Trade Secrets & Copyrights: Our work in trade secret cases and copyright cases has included assisting clients in discovery requests, evaluating source code, including databases (SSO analysis and AFC analysis); and analysis of key technical documents and artifacts, including SCM records. Read More

Software Engineering & Licensing: We have provided consulting services and/or served as an expert witness to several clients in matters related to contract compliance, matters related to software engineering or matters related to licensing.   Typically, this work includes research, analysis and assessments relative to industry customs and practices, preparation of reports, and testimony at depositions and before arbitration panels or at trial. Read More

Government Contracts & Bid Protests: We have provided consulting services and/or served as an expert witness to clients in matters related to government contracts and bid disputes.  Our work has been focused on technical analysis of bids, project management, and evaluation of contractor performance. Read More

Valuation & Due Diligence: We have performed valuation and due diligence services for publicly-traded companies, closely-held businesses, and private equity firms.  We focus on technical factors as well as business and financial metrics. Read More