Valuation & Due Diligence

We have performed valuation and due diligence services for publicly-traded companies, closely-held businesses, and private equity firms.  We focus on technical factors as well as business and financial metrics. 

Our work has included assessing software quality, software development practices, best practices, and software testing.  We have also analyzed software to confirm independent development.  

Typically, we draw from multiple databases and proprietary information sources that we have developed and maintained over many years of practice when performing valuation and due diligence services.  

A selected listing of representative engagements in valuation and due diligence services includes:

  • Evaluating the software code and development processes used by a company to determine for investors that the software was independently developed and had market viability.
  • Valuing a complex e-commerce application for a large municipal government. Our work included analysis of software code, assessment of development methodologies, evaluating the quality of the application including performance and scalability, and preparation of a report. We also presented our findings to the Board of Directors of our client, a multi-billion dollar, publicly-traded company.
  • Analyzing the software code, development processes, and management at a venture-backed company on behalf of a private equity firm. Our work included assisting the client in negotiating financing terms and working with senior management at the venture-backed company to improve software development practices, product positioning, sales, and team management.
  • Valuing the software products and related services of a telecommunications software and services company in anticipation of private equity and bank financing.